Balteni Accomodation

Baltenii de Sus is a locality that belongs to Bestepe village from Tulcea county, situated on the right bank of the Sfantu Gheorghe branch, at a distance of 3 km from Bestepe village and 23 km from Tulcea.

Next to Baltenii de Jos village is a nice and small locality surrounded by an extraordinary nature, untouched by people and the passing of time. It’s on the most beautiful localities from the Danube Delta list! Tell us if you agree to go in Baltenii de Jos.

In the locality live no more than 150 villagers, occupied with agriculture and fishing, happy to welcome you in their village, with fresh fish from the Danube and to show you the surroundings.

More lakes cand be found close to the village and the trips in the Delta can begin from here – with the boat on the Sfantu Gheorghe branch you will arrive in the heart of the Delta with luxurious vegetation and reprezentative birds for this area – pelicans, seagulls, ducks of different species and many more.

On your way to Balteni do not miss:

Eco Museum Centre of the Danube Delta – the biggest aquarium from south eastern Europe where you can meet for the first time with the flora and fauna of the delta and also with the local traditions;

Enisala Citadel or a visit to the orthodox monasteries from northern Dobrogea: Celic – Dere, Saon, Cocos, Valea Teilor, also a walk through the Macin Mountains Natural Reservation.

If you choose to stay in Balteni Danube Delta for at least 3 nights do not miss:

  • excursion for a day to the heart of the Delta, Crisan with a visit to Letea or Caraorman forests;
  • excursion for a day at Sf. Gheorghe to discover the wildest beaches at the Black Sea;
  • excursion for a day at Gura Portitei with departure from Jurilovca.
Pensions and Hotels in Balteni

We help you find accommodation in Baltenii de Sus, to feel at home, just surrounded by the Delta vegetation and tranquility in the middle of nature. Accommodation Baltenii de Sus does not have many offers, but those that will be desirable.

Whether you choose Pension 4 Salcii or Hotel Wels, you will be pleasantly surprised by the pictures beyond the window and the accommodation services in Baltenii de Sus.

Choose this locality if you want a vacation with a lot of silence, a little worry, bird trill waking you up in the morning instead of alarm and landscapes of nature that will fill your soul peacefully and calmly.

Do not hesitate to visit Delta, discover the places of accommodation in Baltenii de Sus and organize an unforgettable vacation!