Sulina the old Porto – Franco, and the place where the Danube flows into the sea!

The city of former adventurers, of pirates and workers paid in gold, still keeps the old harbor the same when it was destroyed by the communists because it represented a banner of the capitalist society. In the early 1900, Sulina became the most important harbor at the Black Sea and the place where it could be spoken for the first time about the concept of United Europe. With 8 consular representations, lots of navigation companies, 2 modern hospitals, telegraph, water supply, public lighting, 2 Romanian schools, 2 Greek schools, a German school, a Turkish school, a French boarding school, the English Marine Institute, theater, 3 printings, 3 local newspapers, 2 cinemas, casino. Sulina knew a flourishing development. Sailors, merchants and businessmen from all around the world were gathering here to plan.

The administrative palace of the Danube European Committee, the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas and Saint Alexander, built at the request of king Carol I, a copy of the catholic church from the springs of the Danube, the water tower built with the support of the queen of Netherlands or the lighthouse from within the locality, the maritime cemetery – unique in both the country and Europe, few of the main points of interest from Sulina remain witnesses of old times.

The city which spans along the Danube is not directly linked to the network of roads from Romania, you can access it only by boat, either on the Danube or the Black Sea.

The city of Sulina it’s an alternative of the towns on the seaside when is about spending time in a vacation. The tourists enjoy the Delta, as well as the virgin and the most quietest beaches of the Romanian seaside!

How can we arrive at Sulina, the Danube Delta?

Being situated at the edge of the Danube Delta, you can arrive at Sulina only by boat with fast crafts (water taxi) with departure from Tulcea or Murighiol (both locations have guarded parking) duration 1,5 h. The rates start from 15 euro/ pers for the organized trip at fixed hours and from 120 euro/ boat, private trip, organized regardless of the departure time. There is also a public transport with ships with daily departure from Tulcea at 13.30 and from Sulina at 7.00, time of transfer 4,5 h, rate 13 euro/ pers.

Excursions from Sulina!

Although Sulina is known more as a beach destination than a delta destination, can be the place where one of the most beautiful travels to the Danube Delta begins: to the Letea forest, lake Lumina, lake Rosu and lake Puiu.
During the season (July – August), there are daily organized excursions to visit the flow of the Danube into the Black Sea, the Letea forest, Musura bay or romantic excursions at sunset on the sea.
For organized groups, the excursions can also be in other periods!

The best accommodation conditions in Sulina

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The desire to evade from the concrete walls, from the traffic jam and horns: the desire to forget about the mobile phones and internet – for a few days; the desire to stop seeing any reports, statistics, sells, money, plans and goals; the desire to stop seeing your colleagues sad and tired.

The desire to return to nature – the origin of human nature!


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