Jurilovca is situated in Tulcea Country, on the margin of Razim Lake

Jurilovca is the biggest community of fishermen in Danube Delta, being a centre of collecting and preparation of fish, but also a tourist attraction. The village is surrounded by several nature reserves and lakes, where trips can be organized to be visited on any day of the Danube Delta holiday. The houses of the Russian-lipovan people have some special characteristic, being painted in white and having a roof made out of thatch. The colors of the facade are generally white and blue, and the roof is made of reed. The wild beauty of these places is still unthinkable by industry or excessive tourism. Visit Jurilovca to enjoy an idyllic natural setting.

Touristic attractions

The main tourist attractions are: Gura Periboina, situated on Sinoe lake is one of the two links of the lagoons with the Black Sea; The Bisericuta Island – a rocky island where you can find traces of an old roman castrum. The Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation is a protected area and visiting it is prohibited, but can be admired by sailing next to it; Dolosman Cape – a rocky cape and the only rocky seafront from the Romanian seaside; Argamum Ancient Citadel is the first urban settlement on this territory. The relics of the Greek settlement represent another tourist destination being part of the harbors made by the Greek at the Black Sea, next to Calatis, Tomis and Histria; Heracleea Citadel and Enisala Citadel which was built by the imperial byzantine power and the Genovese power, having a defensive military part to supervise the roads and the sea; Gura Portitei – a strip of sand between the Black Sea and Golovita lake.

The Central Eco Museum Danube Delta Tulcea – the biggest aquarium from southeastern Europe where you will meet for the first time with the delta flora and fauna, but also with the local traditions; northern Dobrogea orthodox monasteries, Celic – Dere, Saon, Cocos, Valea Teilor or the Macin Mountains Natural Reservation.

If you choose to stay in Jurilovca, Danube Delta for at least 3 nights do not miss:

  • excursion for a day to the heart of the Delta, Crisan with a visit to Letea or Caraorman forests;
  • excursion for a day at Sf. Gheorghe to discover the wildest beaches at the Black Sea.
  • excursion for a day at Gura Portitei
The best accommodation in Jurilovca

The accommodation units in Jurilovca are built in a traditional style of the village – often in white and blue, with specific décor elements, to feel the harshness of the ordinary. The hostels and the accommodation complex situated in a special setting in Jurilovca will surprise you by the quality of the services. And if you want a unique experience – opt for a floating hotel in the Danube Delta.

In functie de ce preferinte aveti, consultati lista de pensiuni Jurilovca, oferte de cazare Jurilovca Delta Dunarii

Regarding your preferences, consult the pension list of Jurilovca, booking offers for Jurilovca, Danube Delta.


The desire to evade from the concrete walls, from the traffic jam and horns: the wish to forget about the mobile phones and internet – for a few days; the desire to stop seeing any reports, statistics, sells, money, plans and goals; the desire to stop seeing your colleagues sad and tired.

The desire to return to nature – the origin of human being!


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