Fishing in the Danube Delta

The “Fishing in the Danube Delta’s heart” programme is intended to both professional and amateur fishermen who are willing to experience a true fishing match. Also you can spend time with friends and family in the Danube Delta. This is the place where you will not feel the pressure of the walls, you are not disturbed and you do not disturb anyone- the place where you can feel free, the place where you’ll feel you are alive!

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Fishing in Danube Delta - 3 days 2 nights

Fishing 2 nights / 3 days


Rates from 63 € / person/ sojourn of 2 nights

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Fishing in Danube Delta - 4 days 3 nights

Fishing 3 nights / 4 days


Rates from 78 € / person/ sojourn of 3 nights

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Fishing in Danube Delta - 5 days 4 nights

Fishing 4 nights / 5 days


Rates from 94 € / person/ sojourn of 4 nights

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Fishing in Danube Delta - 8 days 7 nights

Fishing 7 nights / 8 days


Rates from 142 € / person/ sojourn of 7 nights

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There are numerous fishing locations at the Danube, the most popular being the ones from the heart of the delta where you can only arrive by boat. To win time and money we recommend you to stay close to the places you wish to go fishing. Also we recommend you to obtain the fishing permit from ARBDD.

Fishing at Mila 23

Heart of the Delta, Crisan – Mila 23 is the place which offers the biggest number of alternatives for fishing. You can go for a stationary fishing (crucian, carp, catfish) or a memorable pike or perch fishing game. Those who didn’t try fishing in the Danube yet, didn’t live the real fishing adventures.

Where can we go fishing? – fishes of the Danube Delta

The recommended locations for stationary fishing: carp and catfish – exceptional fishing places on the Old Danube, between Crisan and Mila 23 , between the old buoys and Mila 8,5 or on the narrow place. Other recommended places are Caraorman Canal, Litcov Canal and the canal which leads to Puiu or Rosu Lakes. If you want to catch pike, asp, perch or bass we recommend Trei Iezere, Bogdaproste, Iacub, Cuibul cu lebede, Obretin, Vatafu, Lumina, Isac, Baclanesti, Fortuna, Ligheanca Lakes or the canals parallel with Dunarea Veche.

Fishing adventures

For spending your free time with your wives, children or friends we recommend the following activities:

Daily trips are organized on the lakes and canals to admire the birds: pelicans, ospreys, cormorants, herons. Admire the flora and fauna of the Delta, visit the Letea forest or the hills of Caraorman. Visit Sulina, which is the most eastern point of Europe, the old Porto Franco, the city of adventurers and pirates. Do not miss the river mouths of the Danube or the romantic trips at sunset or at sunrise;

Recreation and relaxation activities like: archery, kayak, SUP, boat with oars, etc;

Thematic and pool parties with foam every night;

Some pools are heated;

Massage servicies.

Note: *Because not all accommodation units offer the same services and facilities, we recommend you to ask your tourism consultant to choose what fits you the most.

The fishing games can be organized in nature or in the nearby fishing set-up.