Dunavat Accomodation

At the edge of the Dunavat Canal, alongside Lake Barcaz, discover the village of Dunavat de Jos

A welcoming community of Russian – Lipovans, Romanians, Turkish and Ukranians. A real curiosity is to see the way of living of these ethnicities, who created a beautiful village and are happy to welcome you any time – with smiles, traditions and local specific customs, but also extraordinary fish recipes. The Dunavat fishing village is a beautiful occasion to meet the interesting and friendly locals, to eat fresh fish from the Danube and to relax a few days in the heart of nature.

A quiet vacation is provided if you choose to stay in Dunavat!

A real delight of tastes and fish combinations represent the local kitchen – the traditional malasolca, the fish cooked in diverse methods, the borsch fish meatballs – you have to try them all!

Unique Dunavat accommodation deals

Pensions and Hotels in Dunavat

There are a variety of possibilities of booking in Dunavat: Pestisorul pension with SPA servicies, fitness, pools, Casut Deltei completely made of wood or Califar pension, where the silence and the peace can be found. Close to Murighiol, there are the ruins of Halmyris Citadel and a lot of lakes wher you can go fishing, and the the rest you get on its shore is a necessity for your vacations with the dear ones. The trips in the Delta are the main reason to come here, and the rest in a quiet, narrow and nice locality is an addition for the long dreamed vacation!

Choose an accommodation for a wonderful landscape or to taste a fish lunch on the terraces along the shore.

Spend a few days in an idyllic village, away from the noise and craziness of the big cities, find a booking variant in Dunavat on ViziteazaDelta.ro and discover the authentic Delta the way you know it from books and photos. We assure you is as impressive as in real life!