Murighiol Accommodation

Murighiol is the township with the largest area in Romania

Situated in Tulcea county, the township is located between Razim lake and Sfantu Gheorghe branch of the Danube, offering a good place for a perfect vacation in the Danube Delta. The locality is surrounded by idyllic landscapes, more lakes and unique natural areas in Romania.

Saraturii lake, Pietrei lake and Murighiol lake offer the possibility of practicing the fishing, for those who have patience for this activity but also for fresh fish lovers, cooked in the heart of nature.

Imagine a morning in either our accommodation offers Murighiol – fresh air, singing birds, a landscape which can energize you for a day full of adventure, activities and good will. You have multiple accommodation options at Murighiol: villas, hotels, pensions for all curios people who wish to arrive in the Delta. A unique accommodation experience is to sleep at a floating hotel, especially if you didn’t do it until now.

Murighiol is a fitting destination for those who like to rest and discover new places. Around the accommodation units from Murighiol there are many tourist attractions that can get your attention – Halmyris Citadel ruins, where it was found the oldest holy relics of the martyrs from Dobrogea, access to the Danube Delta and the lakes around the township. Saraturii lake has balneary properties – mineralized water and therapeutic mud creating you the conditions to come back from vacation more rested, more beautiful and heathier.

Pensions and hotels in Murighiol

For what does it worth to come in the Danube Delta and choose Murighiol accommodation if not for the authentic fishery, the tasty fish and unexplored nature?

Take advantage of the ViziteazaDelta accommodation offers at Murighiol pensions or hotels for a vacation at Puflene Resort, the 4 stars floating hotels – Paradisul Deltei or Magia Deltei, Olga villa or Rio Divino pension, are just a few of the accommodation offers in Murighiol recommended by

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