Murighiol or “the Violet Lake”, in Turkish, the second gate to the Danube Delta

Murighiol, Danube Delta, populated in the middle XIX century by the tartars who came from Crimeea and found good land for culture and pasture without paying to the ottomans. The Romanians joined them, most of them from Transylvania, established here since 1800. The Ukrainians came from Caraorman and Uzlina localities after the war between the Russians and the Turkish in the year 1877. In the last years it became an important tourist destination, being the second important point from which the excursions for a day or a day and a half in the Danube Delta are made. In Murighiol you can find a lot of accommodation offers, top pensions and a lot of tourist attractions for excursions for a day.
The name of this locality comes from Turkish (mourighiol means violet lake). This is because of the lilac reflections of the water that belongs to the lake from the nearby township. The sun refections and colorful sunsets from the Delta will become the climax of a nice day. A string of lakes from around the locality – the Sfantul Gheorghe branch with its lakes: Razim, Murighiol, Saraturii and Belbugeac create unique landscapes for a memorable sojourn in the Danube Delta.
A place for rest in the middle of nature, with fun activities and adventures every day are guaranteed! The variety of pensions and accommodation offers in Murighiol, Danube Delta will please everyone and the personalized programmes from will make sure to keep you entertained in the Danube Delta.

Explore the unique atractions of the Delta with departure from Murighiol!

Tourist attractions

The main tourist attractions from Murighiol Danube Delta: the Murighiol lake, the ruins of the antic roman city Halmyris, former harbor at Sf. Gheorghe branch, the ruins of a Paleo – Christian church with its crypt for martyrs, the Halmyri Monastery, the natural reservation lakes: Saratura I, II, III which keeps the black sapropelic mud with therapeutic qualities. The water of Saratura I lake is known because of its mineralization of 6,7 g/l. The Saratura III lake, also known as Lacul Sarat was declared natural reservation of biological interest or the complex of firths Razim – Sinoe.

On the road to Murighiol do not miss: the Central Eco Museum Danube Delta Tulcea – the biggest aquarium from southeastern Europe where you will meet for the first time with the delta flora and fauna, but also with the local traditions;

Enisala Citadel, northern Dobrogea orthodox monasteries, Celic – Dere, Saon, Cocos, Valea Teilor or the Macin Mountains Natural Reservation.

If you choose to stay in Murighiol, Danube Delta for at least 3 nights do not miss:

  • excursion for a day to the heart of the Delta, Crisan with a visit to Letea or Caraorman forests;
  • excursion for a day at Sf. Gheorghe to discover the wildest beaches at the Black Sea.
  • excursion for a day at Gura Portitei

Regarding your preferences, consult the list of pensions from Murighiol, accommodation offers at Murighiol, Danube Delta and the best accommodation conditions.


The desire to evade from the concrete walls, from the traffic jam and horns: the wish to forget about the mobile phones and internet – for a few days; the desire to stop seeing any reports, statistics, sells, money, plans and goals; the desire to stop seeing your colleagues sad and tired.

The desire to return to nature – the origin of human being!


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