Crisan Accomodation

The fishing village Crisan: “The area with the biggest tourist attraction in the Danube Delta”

Why choose Crisan accommodation? Because it is situated in the center of the Delta, Crisan offers the possibility to reach any place you want to visit in the Delta in maximum 1 hour, which is recommended for both fishermen, photographers or hunters, as well as for those keen on adventure and relaxation. For those who want to enjoy the beauties of the Danube Delta – unique in Europe and the world.

If you want to visit the Danube Delta, we recommend you make it from its center, that is Crisan. Only here you can really see what the Delta means, this being different from area to the area:the Cararoman or Letea forests, Sulina with the Danube spill in the sea, the lake of lakes between Crisan and Mila 23, visiting the Matita-Babina area, romantic trip at sunset or excursion to the wild area Obretin, Obretinciuc, Swan nest or the spectacular Erenciuc area, Stipoc monastery are just some of the excursions that can be organized by choosing Crisan accommodation.

How can we arrive at Crisan, Danube Delta?

Being situated in the heart of the Danube Delta, at Crisan you can arrive only by boat with fast crafts (water taxi) with departure from Tulcea or Murighiol (both locations have guarded parking), duration 1h. The rates start from 15 euro/ pers for the organized trips at fixed hours and from 100 euro/ boat, private trip, organized regardless of the departure time. There is also a public transport with ships with daily departure from Tulcea at 13.30 and from Sfantu Gheorghe at 8.00, time of transfer 3 h, rate 13 euro/ pers.

Pensions and Hotels in Crisan

By choosing one of Crisan’s special accommodation offers you will actually choose to stay in the heart of the Delta. Countless pensions and hotels Crisan Danube Delta organize trips, backwaters, hardly accessible lakes and canals, to show you what the Danube Delta really means, what it means to want the time to stop, what it means to say „I want again and again!”

In Crisan, you will find accommodation deals that satisfy all your requirements and all your pockets, from hotels and pensions with heated pool to traditional fishing houses. At the all inclusive services chapter, Crisan is a worthwhile destination.

As for traditional foods of fresh fish, who can prepare them better than those in the heart of the delta?

Here you will find the best accommodation deals in Crisan pensions in Delta Dunarii! Danube Delta Resort Complex, Eden pension, Sunrise Hotel, Cherhana pension, Ovidiu pension, Oprisan pension, GGGociman floating hotel or Splendid floating hotel are just a few of the recommended accommodation offers in Crisan by