Dunavat is a traditional village situated at the edge of the delta with a mix of Romanian, Russian and Ukrainian traditions. Once you have a taste of it you will want more, over and over again!

Dunavatul de Jos belongs to Murighiol township. The fishing village, with its inhabitants of different ethnic group such as Romanians, Russians and Ukrainians, will be the perfect destination if you wish a quiet vacation, surrounded by the unexplored nature and the inhabitants always with a smile on their face. Dunavatul de Jos has the advantage of being linked directly to Tulcea, thus it is accessible in any way. It’s situated at the contact of the Dobrogea uplift with the delta depression of the Dranov islet in the northeastern Tulcea county.
You will always find welcoming people here, green landscapes and fresh fish for lunch and dinner. Do not forget about the excursions to Barcaz lake, walking through the Danube Delta and fishing along the experienced fishermen whence you can learn.
For accommodation in Dunavatul de Jos, Danube Delta you have the possibility to choose between the 4 stars hotels as well as the numerous 3 and 4 stars pensions with pools and excursions in the Danube Delta with departure from Dunavat.

Tourist attractions

The main tourist attractions from Dunavatul de Jos: Barcaz lake, Soschi lake, ruins of the antic roman city Halmyris, former harbor at Sf. Gheorghe branch, ruins of the paleo – christian church and its crypt for martyrs and the Halmyri monastery. On your way to Murighiol you will find more lakes, some with curative proprierties. The water of Saratura I lake is known because of its mineralization of 6,7 g/l. Saratura III lake, also known as the salty lake was declared a natural reservation of biological interest or the firth complez Razim – Sinoe.

On your way to Dunavat, Danube Delta do not miss:

The Central Eco Museum Danube Delta Tulcea – the biggest aquarium from southeastern Europe where you will meet for the first time with the delta flora and fauna, but also with the local traditions;

Enisala Citadel, northern Dobrogea orthodox monasteries, Celic – Dere, Saon, Cocos, Valea Teilor or the Macin Mountains Natural Reservation.

If you choose to stay in Dunavat, Danube Delta for at least 3 nights do not miss:

  • excursion for a day to the heart of the Delta, Crisan with a visit to Letea or Caraorman forests;
  • excursion for a day at Sf. Gheorghe to discover the wildest beaches at the Black Sea.
  • excursion for a day at Gura Portitei

Regarding your preferences, consult the list of hotels and pensions from Dunavat.

The best accommodation conditions in Dunavat Danube Delta

Accommodation conditions for everyone in Dunavatul de Jos – pensions, houses and modern or traditional hotels. Book now an accommodation for resting, quality services and awesome activities – all booking offers in Dunavatul de Jos!


The desire to evade from the concrete walls, from the traffic jam and horns: the wish to forget about the mobile phones and internet – for a few days; the desire to stop seeing any reports, statistics, sells, money, plans and goals; the desire to stop seeing your colleagues sad and tired.

The desire to return to nature – the origin of human being!


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