Sfantu Gheorghe Accommodation

Sfantu Gheorghe, situated on the oldest branch of the Danube, at the Danube spill into the Black Sea

Sfantu Gheorghe Danube Delta – a traditional Lipovean village, situated at the seaside area of the Delta is important by tourist point of view because of the beaches, where the ospreys and the horses run freely; The Sahalin Island, where very rare birds are encountered; Erenciuc canal, the only black alder reservation in Europe.

In the last years, the rural tourism of Sfantu Gheorghe knew a strong development, being practiced both in the locals’ household (Sfantu Gheorghe Delta locals’ accommodation) and the accommodation units – pensions, camping, hotels. These accommodation units are a perfect version for those that search a quiet place, away from the sound of city, away from technology, a place where the freedom feeling can be lived at maximum.

The excursion at the Danube’s spilling into the Black Sea, the excursion at Sahalin Island, excursion at Sulina or to the heart of the Delta with the visit of the Letea or Caraorman forests. Also the splendid landscapes from the Crisan area (backwaters, narrow canals) are just a few of the daily activities.

Sfantu Gheorghe pensions and hotels

When you consider the accommodation possibilities from Danube Delta Sf. Gheorghe at both pensions or locals, take note that the beach is situated at approximately 4 km from the village, you can access it by foot or by cart.

You will leave the car in Tulcea, Mahmudia or Murighiol, because Sfantu Gheorghe is not directly linked to the network of roads from Romania. The access can only be made by boat with departure from Tulcea, Mahmudia or Murighiol from both Danube or the Black Sea.

Accommodation offers Sfantu Gheorghe Danube Delta are diverse, from 4 stars hotels to pensions, camping and country household (locals’ accommodation). Camping Green Dolphin, Green Village Resort and Deltarium Aegis pension are just a few of the accommodation offers in Crisan recommended by viziteazadelta.ro.

Here you will find the best accommodation offers at Sfantu Gheorghe Delta.

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